Agrotechnolgy C9.3.

Adigeni ore-clasters B3.2

Administrative law D4.7.

Adsorption processes B2.16.

Atherosclerosis C13.1., C13.2., C13.6.

Gas main B1.1.

Aluminsilicates C10.7.

Aluminsilicate adsorbent C10.9.

Nonflexible deformations D4.2.

Nonlinear programming method A5.2.

Arterial prosthesis C13.4.

Aterial hypertension C13.5.

Archaeology B4.6., B5.2.

Water head spillway dam C10.4.

Autovenotransplantation C13.4.

Detonation works C4.35.

Rivers in Adjara D2.5.

Bioenergy activators C9.7.

Biorag C9.7.

Biostimulators C9.7.

Role of biotite in endogenic metallogeny B3.1.

Biochemistry B2.6., B2.7., B2.32.

Fibre-optic lines C2.1.

Stability of natural landscapes B4.5.

Natural anthropogenic complexes B4.3.

Organo-zeolite C9.2.

Press tool C4.20.

Purifying equipment D2.6.

Education A4.1., A4.2.

Distribution density B1.7.

Contamination level C9.1.

Gene therapy C13.2.

Geophysics B3.4.

Geoinformation system D4.8.

Geophysics B3.6.

Glucofructan B2.31

Graphical-analytical method B1.2.

Ischemic heart disease C13.3.

Coal coking C4.22.

Reliability of design D1.1.

Arsenic C4.17.

Damping device D4.3.

Relationship between depression and religiousness C13.5.

Descriptive modeling D2.1.

Diabetes C13.6.

Diatomite B2.21.

Dividing surface of streams C10.5.

Diferential equations B1.13., B1.3., B1.6.

Smelting technology C4.16.

Ecology B2.8.

Economy A1.2. A3.1.

Economic dynamics D4.4., D4.5.

Ecosystem D2.3.

Management of power system A5.13.

Uniqueness theorem B3.3

Extramyocardial transplantation C13.7.

Thermal pumps C1.2.

Thermogravimetric examination B2.23.

Isothermal oxidation B2.20.

Debris flows C10.12.

Informatics A5.1., A5.10.

Internet A3.3., A4.2.

Internet service A1.4.

Intramiocardial transplantation C13.7.

Ischemic cardiomyopathy C13.7.

Charges C4.14.

Quarry waters D2.4.

Coarseness of seeds C9.5.

Catalysts C4.10.

Quasi-static change C10.8.

Role of quartz in endogenic metallogeny B3.1.

Cobalt B2.25

Commercial bank A3.2.

Computer system D4.7.

Computer networks D4.6.

Coordination compounds B2.24., B2.25., B2.26., B2.27

Complex alloys C4.19.

Composite materials C4.9.

Laser treatment C4.18.

Corrosion of main pipelines C4.27.

Mathematics B1.3., B1.5., B1.6., B1.8, B1.14.

Mathematical model A5.11.

Math modelling A5.3., B3.5.

Automated control systems A4.1., A5.4., A5.9.

Ductile cast iron C4.8.

High-temperature heat capacity B2.19.

Medicine B2.5.

Metallurgy B1.12., C4.15., C4.24., C4.30., C4.32.

Meteorological phenomena D4.1.

Probability of collisions with meteors B4.1.

Microalloying C5.2., C5.4.

Pipe rolling C4.13.

Pipelines C4.25.

Pipeline hydraulics C10.11.

Modeling A5.14., A5.15., B1.10., C3.1.

Data bases A5.8.

Multicryterial Optimization A5.1.

Charge transfer processes B2.17.

Heavy metals D2.3.

Spectral analysis of oil C4.7.

Oil and Gas Inflow C4.3.

Long waves C10.3.

Hydrocarbons B2.15.

Soil C9.1.

Substantiation of optimum modes C4.31.

Optimization A5.2., A5.5.

Feed-Controllers C4.5., C4.6.

Plasma Technology C4.33.

Vortex Model of Planet Formation B4.2.

Polarization Radar D4.1.

polymeric material C4.12.

Prediction D4.8.

Programming A5.7.

Radiation safety D4.3.

High-designed fibre C6.1.

Arc welding C5.1.

Crystallization of grey cast iron C4.23.

Grey cast Iron mechanical properties C4.34.

Drilling Tools C4.1.

Yeast protein study B2.29.

Reliability control C4.36.

Model of reliability A5.12.

Communications C2.2.

Legislation A1.2., A1.3., A1.4.

Deoxidation of tube steels C4.29.

Chemical study of curative mud B2.28

Floors of Industrial Building C8.4.

Boundary Value Problems B1.5.

Welding-Technological Stations C4.28.

Potable water quality D2.1.

Transport Complex C12.1.

Pump Stations Work Reliability C10.6.

Grinding Machine C5.3., C5.5.

Seismic activity control B3.8.

Seismic process B3.7.

Spatial frame systems. C8.1.

Criminal responsibility A1.1.

Rigidity Conditions C8.5.

Yield seed of soya C9.2.

Solou Model D4.5.

Social Systems A5.14.

Special clothes C6.2.

Stomatological service D4.6.

Sulfide Compounds D2.4.

Rectangular cut columns of reinforced concrete C8.2.

Ultrasonic welding C4.11.

Seamless pipes C5.4.

Selection of phages B2.33

Water solutions of phenol C10.7.

Ferromanganese C4.14.

Filtration model C4.4.

Physics B1.9., B1.11.

Fuzifad C9.4.

Structure of Steel and Cast Iron C4.18.

Steel Crosscut Beams C8.5.

Porosity C5.1.

Psycho-physiological processes B5.1.

Foundations of premises C8.3.

Wind power C1.5.

Wind turbine C1.5.

Concentrate organic fertilizer C9.6.

Chemistry B2.1., B2.2., B2.4., B2.9., B2.11., B2.12., B2.13., B2.14. B2.15., B2.22.

Chemical conversion B2.18.

Chronic Stress B2.30.

Net model D4.4.

Water erosion C10.13.

Welding C4.25.

Welded seam C4.12.

Alloys C4.17.

Truss bar farms C8.6.

Water stormy flow C10.8.

Sewage waters D2.6., D2.7.

Wastewater treatment of the phenols D2.2.

Wastewater treatment B2.10.

Cement solidity C8.7.

Zeolite B2.3.

Cylindric covers D4.2.

Adhesion-bonding methods C4.26.

Qualitative specifications of beech boards C9.8.

Water supply system stability C10.2.

Tskaltubo cave system B4.4.

Maximum permissible concentrations of chemical agents in potable water D2.7.

Water decolorizing C10.12.

Water polution indicators D2.5.

Turbulent flows of water C10.10.

Reducing color in drinking water C10.9.

Drilling wells C4.2.

Homodynamic C13.1.

Herbicides C9.4.

Hydraulics C10.1.

Hydraulic jump C10.3.

Hydroenergetics C1.1.

Hydroenergetic resources C1.4.

Hydraulic Engineering Structures C1.3.

Holomorphic Structures B1.4.